Design for People


Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
Bill Gates

News: Study for the Federal Office of the Environment: "Zielbilder einer zukunftsfähigen Schweiz". +++ Now published (April 2016): CEO study "Future fitness of Swiss companies in the producing sector". +++ An essay about the relevance of biodiversity has been published on Planetsave und Compass-For-Sustainability. +++ The paper "Management by empathy" has been published on the brazilian website of terragaia. +++ Mdii GmbH has released the iphone app "Sustainability Compass". The corresponding website is +++ The year book  "Human Resources Management 2014" contains an in depth introduction of Matthias Mueller and Guenter Pfeiffer to the topic of "Generationen-Management konkret". +++ Now appeared: Matthias Mueller's article "Learning with Experience Design" in "Leadership Learning for the Future".

First, there is the "Mensch", the individual: The individual is the key resource for any kind of change, be it as designer, customer, manager or specialist. A synthesis of these skills in a dedicated team will lead to innovations that are of real use and significance.

Design: This is not about appearance, it is about focused and planned creation. Experience Design orchestrates experiences and is one at the same time. In an energetic interaction between exploring, understanding, shaping and perfecting solutions, an experience is designed  which generates added value for the customer as well as for the company.

Innovation: What is deemed innovative may be considered innovative. Is it the invention of the car? The re-design of the dust cloth? Is it the marketing campaign that makes us smile? Or the inconspicuous idea that helps cutting down a  procurement process by two weeks? Important is this: people are attracted to innovations, especially when they make their lives richer and more fulfilling. And: those who succeed in creating and designing this kind of innovation will take the lead.

Older News: Finally available: the book about CO-STAR. How ideas become value propositions for customers. +++ Article "The sustainable value proposition" in the "International Journal of Innovation Science". +++ Mensch Design Innovation GmbH is founder member of S2 Sustainability Strategies, TNS Switzerland. +++ Speech of Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011).